Friday, December 20, 2013

Losing Your Major Medical Insurance due to the Affordable Care Act?

To find qualified “major medical” insurance plans for an individual, or a family, use the link below to view available plans from "Health Plus of Michigan".   Once you've identified a plan that you like, just use the "Apply" button and complete the online application.  It is simple, no lines, no waiting, and most importantly there are NO health questions.  That's correct; there are no pre-existing condition clauses to worry about.  All of the plans designed by the Affordable Care Act and Health Care Reform are GUARANTEED ISSUE.  Because of “Guaranteed Issue”, even employers are seeing the value of switching to “individual” or “family” plans that are portable ie…NO MORE COBRA plans.  Again, just click on the link below, locate the best plan for you and or your family, click on the apply button and complete the application.  Here is that link:

The timing of your online application will determine your “Effective Date”.  See the effective date schedule below for online enrollment:

Until December 23, 2013 for a January 01, 2014 Start Date,

From 12/26/2013  to  01/15/2014  for a February 01, 2014 Start Date,

From 01/16/2014  to  02/15/2014  for a March 01,2014 Start Date,

From 02/16/2014  to  03/15/2014  for a April 01, 2014 Start Date,

From 03/16/2014  to  03/31/2014  for a May 01, 2014 Start Date.

** If you miss this opportunity to apply for health insurance, you will NOT be allowed to purchase again until October 15 – December 7, 2014 which will be the annual “Open Enrollment” period starting in 2014.

** Even if you currently have a qualified plan for 2014 and beyond, you can still make changes to one of these “Health Plus” plans during this extended “Open Enrollment” period.

Remember to select "See All Available Plans", and if you have any questions please feel free to call: 1-734-395-5425.  Thank you and I look forward to helping you further with all of your health care and no-risk retirement solutions. 

Matt Skiba, State of Michigan Licensed Agent

Estate Preservation Agency, Brighton, MI

For All of Your Health and Retirement Solutions

Direct) 1-734-395-5425

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