Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dependents Turning 26, and Needing Individual Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act does allow parents to cover their children on the parents’ health insurance policy through the child’s age of 25 whether they are: students, non-students, married or single. 

Once the child turns age 26, the child is required to have & carry their own individual policy.  For a free quote covering all 13 different ‘QUALIFIED’ policy options and rates, contact Matt Skiba by phone 734-395-5425 to schedule an appointment, or by email: with the words ‘Qualified Rate Quotes Please’ in the subject line.

Remember: waiting until you are sick or in a serious condition and needing medical attention does not create a qualifying event to get you coverage. 

You will only have a 30 day window after your 26th birthday to apply, or risk waiting until the annual fall open enrollment with an effective date starting the next January at the earliest.

Be prepared, stay covered, get your own personalized health insurance before its too late.

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