Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just because you have a retirement account, should not mean you can afford to stop investing or investigating new opportunities.

Many people share with me the following saying that they "have a financial advisor", or another "I have a trust set up already".  While both of these statements by themselves can be true, they are not "FINANCIALLY WISE" summaries, just as "I have a ___?____ so I don't need another" is equally blind of advances within the ____?_____  (whatever category you chose) industry.

I can offer new life to your retirement. 

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The excerpt below is taken in part from:

Global Gloom About Retirement Prospects
Taken as a whole, the world is pretty darn gloomy about retirement prospects.

Over half of respondents (53 percent) expect future generations of retirees to be worse off than those currently in retirement; 34 percent of employees are pessimistic about have enough money to live on in retirement; just 19 percent of employees are confident they’ll be able to retire with a lifestyle they consider to be comfortable and only 16 percent of current employees expect to be better off in retirement than current retirees.

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