Monday, March 23, 2015

Life Insurance: no longer just a death benefit

Life Insurance: no longer just a death benefit.  NEW POLICIES from very well established companies have revolutionized the industry with hybrid policies.  These hybrid policies HAVE EXCEPTIONAL LIVING BENEFITS, a mixture of Long-Term Care and a Death Benefit.  Stand alone Long-Term Care policies still have their place in our society, however if you have such a policy you may be paying too much for limited care with NO PROMISE you will ever recoup your investment.   Living longer is not always synonymous with living better.  The facts show that: 70% of people over age 65 will need some form of Long-Term Care with the average length of care when needed over 1 year is care needed for 3.9 years.  Compare what you MAY have with your current Life Insurance Policy to what you MAY be missing.  If you have both a current life insurance policy AND a long-term care policy...what are your premiums compared to your benefits AND think of the money lost if you are in that 30% group that will never have a need for long-term care.  As smart investors and shoppers, we have compared products for investment and purchase every day of our lives, why stop with the MOST IMPORTANT product...your life? 
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